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Benjamin Redling

benjamin_redlingProfessionally working in IT since 1999, I joined Prof. Hahn's group in November 2006 as a system administrator.

Over the years I maintained a FC-SAN, had to cope with Solaris with SAM-FS, planned and administred two compute clusters which I heavily upgraded all by myself, introduced the SLURM batch scheduler and a ganeti cluster for virtualization.

Just recently I started to climb the rough edges of CUDA installations for Deep Learning and after a month of painful doing it "the hard way" happily recommend using the Anaconda Python distribution.

Recent Working Experience

  • Installation and maintenance of the groups SLURM cluster
  • Installation and trouble-shooting of the groups MATLAB Distributed Computing Server
  • Setup and tuning of PostgreSQL installations
  • Basic Linux infrastructure (NFS4 file server, OpenLDAP, FAI)
  • Monitoring and analysing with Check_MK
  • Setup of ElasticSearch clusters
  • Planning, coaching a complex installation and on-going maintenance of the groups Ganeti (KVM/DRBD) cluster (currently 6 nodes)
  • Supervision of student assistants
  • Configuration management and orchestration via Ansible and basic shell scripting
  • Basic Python knowledge


Benjamin Redling
System administrator

Phone  +49 3641 9-44323
Postal Address
Fürstengraben 27
07743 Jena
Room E 011